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Hi! Welcome to my Home Page, I'm glad you are visiting my page. This is my hobby, blogging and writing poetry. I enjoy the most sharing my poetry and my love for romance with you and all my friends. I also write few novels and shorts stories and have been a nanowrimo participant for 3 yrs. in a row now, no wins yet :(. But I hope this is the yr. I win. I have 30 days to write a 5000.00 word novel, I'm close to 1400.00 so far so I might make it this yr. Another thing I'd like to share, I think it's very important for me to be known as an Author (I'm already a Self-published Author) and to share my love and passion for writing with everyone I'm able reach. Here I'll be posting some poetry samples, both in English as well in Spanish. Talking a bit more about what really brought you here, which I hope it's my poetry and not my pretty picture (jk). As you can see this is what I do in my free time, writing poetry and host my own website thanks to Tripod. Yet this has become more than a hobby for me. Reading and writing romance, or fiction novels it's just a part of these little things I enjoy the most. They are a big part of my life and who I am as a person. Since I was a child people knew of my passion for reading and writing. My mother hated it, but as we grew older she understood and my sisters are my number one fans and supporters. My whole family knows writing is like breathing to me, and they give me my space, even my other half knows to give me my few hours of spare time to dedicate it to my muse. :) It helps me be the grounded, wholesome, person I am, and it relaxes me. I like to say that I'm a better person because I have a notepad where I can confide in 24/7, and also because I have a large great family who is always there for me... Sorry about this lengthy introduction. If we did not meet before, now you can say you know me, at least a lot about me. I do hope you enjoy my book and my work almost as much as I enjoyed doing it. Be sure to send me an e-mail and let me know what you think ok? I love hearing from everyone who has read my writings and I enjoy being in touch with people, not a bother at all. Or you can just leave me a brief comment here in my guestbook. Feel free to contribute with your inputs. Thanks! PS. I'll be updating my site often, so feel welcome to stop by and visit again! :) DO NOT FORGET TO READ MY FASHION ARTICLES AT EXAMINER.COM, WHERE I DO MY FREELANCE WORK, & PLEASE VISIT ME IN FACEBOOK.COM Editor/Author: Evelyn E. Rodriguez Pre-Order this book now for only 9.99 + tax @ Eva.luna2006@gmail.com (Pay-Pal E-mail)



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