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Poetry Sample

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He left my soul

filled with pain.

Oh Lord!

He was so vain!

He killed the love

I felt for him,

And left my hands

Empty again.

He ripped the last hope

From my empty heart!

And here I am now

Crying under this rain

Crying and praying_

again and again!_

Crying over my disillusions;

Praying to this sky

Full of stars,

To heal soon

My emotional scars...


Sailing trough the wind

I'd like to sail

Into the blue sea

Inside a magical ship

With its wings

Flapping proud in the air...

Sailing through the wind,

And deep inside the ocean,

Were the pain doesn’t exist!

Sailing far away

Without turning back!

Sailing far away;

Away from my past!

And sail away

through the storms

Blowing inside me,

Sailing in a ship

With golden wings!

Sailing far away,

Deep into the ocean...

Sailing through the storms!

Sailing through the wind,

Blowing inside of me...


Without you

I'm dying without you.

I can't live without you!

I am dying for your love...

I'm dying, and it’s your fault,

'Cause I cannot face life

Without you.

I ask the moon,

Where are you?

But in return

She laughs

And turns her face to me.

I tell her that without you,

I cannot live!

You are everything I ever had.

You are the only hope I have.

Tell me my heart,

What you've done to me?

Tell me pleae,

Who can rescue me?

Show me how can I

Take you out

Of my sad life;

Because of you my heart

Is bleeding inside,

Since our lives

Brought us apart…

I need you, so I can breathe!

I need you, so I can live!

With out you, love

I simply cannot live.

Come back, life, to me

Before I die!...


By Evelyn Rodriguez

CopyrightŠ2008 Evelyn Rodriguez




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